What an eventful year 2013 has been. Here at Neverblue, it’s been a year of exciting growth. To start, we’ve grown closer with our GlobalWide Media family and expanded our services, which has made us a dominant leader in the digital marketing industry. We’ve continued to aggressively grow our international business throughout Asia and Europe, resulting in strong global partnerships and larger offices in our Hong Kong and London regions. Also, thanks to our publishing and advertising partners, we’ve had another year of record growth.

In the midst of our expansion, we have been outgrowing our proprietary tracking platform, Affnet. Although it served us well for almost a decade, we have outgrown its capabilities.

We did substantial research to figure out what platform solutions would be best suited to our publishing and advertising partners. CAKE kept rising to the top in all of our criteria. In addition to being an industry standard with increased efficiency, increased data accuracy, and real-time business intelligence, CAKE allows us to continue to scale our business. For us, that is a key element because as we continue to grow, so do our partners.

We’re thrilled that as we move into 2014, we now have a platform that allows our team to focus on helping our partners grow their businesses.

Happy New Year! Bring on 2014!

Bjorn Hougaard
VP, Network


“For New And Intermediate Affiliate Marketers”

During my experiences as an affiliate manager and private affiliate coach, I found that the most common question asked in affiliate marketing is this:

“What are the best offers to promote and how do you find them?”

Because not all offers are created equally.

Offer ‘A’ may convert at 13% while Offer ‘B’ may convert at 18%.

Those few percentage points might not sound like a lot, but they will determine if your campaign is profitable or not.  Finding high converting offers takes skill and patience.

This is why choosing the right offer is an art.  Here are 3 steps to offer selection success.

Traffic, Volume and Vertical (or TVV for short)

1)   Traffic: the lifeblood of any affiliate campaign

Before you start looking for an offer run, you must decide which traffic source you are going to utilize for your campaign.

Traffic comes in all shapes and sizes and can convert very differently from one another. For example, Facebook Ads may convert at a much lower rate than say a targeted email list.

So, it’s important to figure out which traffic source you are going to use first before finding an offer, because some offers convert better with different types of traffic than others.

Take Action: set a budget that is right for you and the traffic source you selected. If you are just starting out on a new campaign, then a smaller daily budget of $10-$50 is suitable. This will allow you to collect data and see where the winners are in terms of ads and targeting.

2)  Volume: the key to finding high converting offers

Now that you have your traffic source selected, it’s time to start your search for a high converting offer.

The best way to do this is to ask your affiliate manager a very specific and vital question. Ask them for the top 3-5 offers in the vertical or niche you selected.  This is based on the volume of traffic being sent to the offers on the network.

In other words, you want to find out from your affiliate manager which offers are currently the most popular on the entire network based on your given vertical or niche.

It’s important to find at least 3-5 offers so you can split test them with your traffic source.  There is typically a clear winner out of these offers that converts the best.

Take Action: Reach out to your affiliate manager via email or instant messenger and ask them for the top 3-5 offers based on the criteria above. Take note of them in a text file with your affiliate links and other info like country or demographic restrictions.

3)  Vertical: understanding niches.

Great, so now you have a few offers to test on your traffic source and you’re ready to begin the campaign.

But you need to understand that even though your affiliate manager gives you 3-5 top offers, that doesn’t mean you have the budget to test them fully without losing money.

Let’s take two of the highest volume verticals on most networks: Dating and Diet. They generally produce the most amounts of traffic, leads and sales for affiliates, networks and advertisers across the board.

Most affiliates have no problem testing dating offers, because the payouts are reasonable at $5 a lead on average. It doesn’t take a lot of spend and data to figure out if a campaign, ad or target is going to be profitable or not.

Typically, fifty to a hundred dollars will be enough to find out whether a dating offer is going to be profitable.

On the other hand, with diet offers, they can cost you hundreds to thousands in spend and data to determine profitability. This is because the payouts are much higher, usually north of $30 per sale.

The rule of thumb when testing a campaign is to spend 1x-3x the offer payout per ad, target or landing page, etc. So, if your payout is $5 and you have 10 ads, you would have to spend at least $50 on the campaign before writing it off and moving on.

Take Action: if you don’t have hundreds or thousands of dollars to start testing higher payout offers like diet, start with dating offers. You will be able to identify winning campaigns much quicker because of the 1x-3x testing rule.

These are the 3 steps (TVV) that I use on a daily basis to find high converting offers that increase and grow my profits.

Don’t get hung up on metrics like EPC or CR (conversion ratio), these vary significantly by traffic source and offers themselves. Keep it simple. Don’t let this jargon discourage you.

Focus on TVVTraffic, Volume and Vertical. You will succeed.

If you are having trouble getting campaigns off the ground or haven’t been able to make your first $100 online, feel free to contact me to apply for my private coaching program: Super Affiliates X.

You can sign up here: http://superaffiliatesx.com/coaching/

Good luck!

- Jon Mac

Jon Mac

Jon Mac


Why Promote Travel?

Travel season is always upon us, whether it’s taking off with the family to escape cold winter months or planning a pals stag – there’s no better time to escape the everyday.

16% of all online travel bookings are done via affiliates. Neverblue alone expects affiliates to sell over one million hotel room nights this year, book over 500,000 flights and sell over 25,000 packages – in Asia alone. This is a trillion dollar industry, don’t you want your slice of the pie?

The World Tourism Organization reports France, the United States and China as the three most visited countries in the world. Over 50 million visitors to each country, each year.

Tourism Canada partnered up with a handful of countries abroad to develop detailed traveler types to assist businesses in targeting potential travelers and persuading them to book. This will be a helpful tool for you when developing your campaigns. You can access it here.

Here are a list of our top performing travel campaigns that are worth testing:

Vayama – International Travel Bookings
$13.50/Lead (28 day cookie)
Web, Search, DLS, Social

AirAsiaGo – Online Hotel and Package Booking
$14.00 – 29.00/Lead (30 day cookie)
Web, Search, DLS, Social

HotelClub – Online Hotel Booking
$15.00/Lead (30 day cookie)
Web, Search, DLS, Social

Expedia Asia – Online Hotel and Package Booking
$1.00 – 23.00/Lead (30 day cookie)
Web, Email, Search, DLS, Social

Shermans Travel Top 25 SOI Email Newsletter (separate version available for Email)
$1.00/Lead (28 day cookie)
Web, Search, DLS, Social

If you want to have a look at all of our travel offers, just click here. Looking to find out more on travel as an affiliate vertical to promote? Have a look at Neverblue’s Travel Affiliate Network.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions, feel free to  and check out my blog.

Chad Wilton

Chad Wilton - Akumal Mexico

Chad Wilton - Akumal Mexico


Thailand ticks all the boxes in the Lonely Planet guides but as a destination for Out of Bounds? Who thought it would be a good idea to take 20 affiliates from all over the world and drop them off on Bangla Road, Phuket?

Bangla Road, Phuket

Bangla Road, Phuket

It wasn't a good idea, it was an amazing idea!

This Out of Bounds, in my opinion, was the best I'd ever been on. Thailand is an amazing place in itself but being around other affiliates in that kind of atmosphere in an exotic location is something else.

From beautiful beaches, stunning sunsets and islands that are straight from the movies.

Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi

With it being Thailand there are plenty of stories I can't tell which will have to remain etched in the memories of those who went. What goes on in Thailand stays in Thailand right...? What I can say is that the boat trips around Koh Phi Phi was one of the most amazing days of my life. The Neverblue team had laid on two big speed boats with all the necessities on board, well they had beer. The sun was blazing, the water was crystal clear and the scenery was breathtaking. We went from beach to beach around the islands snorkelling, sun bathing and practicing our diving off the front of the boats. Lunch was laid on at a secluded little beach venue with some shade from the afternoon heat.

After lunch we visited the secret beach from the Leonardo DiCaprio movie "The Beach". The boats moored up about 20m off shore and everyone swam across to the little wooden stair case that takes you up to the island. We walked for 5 minutes across the perfect tropical landscape which brought us out to the beach. Surrounded by limestone cliffs the bay is cut off from the currents providing perfect calm waters. The picturesque natural beauty of the place needs to be seen to be believed. I cannot imagine what it was like for the first adventurous western tourists that "discovered" this place over two decades ago, they must have thought they had found their Eden. The boats were parked up just off a little reef so we grabbed some snorkels and fed the brightly coloured fish. The trip was rounded off by learning to drink beer while floating on a life jacket, every days a school day. This is just one of the many great memories I have of this Out of Bounds. It really was exceptional.

Thanks to the Neverblue team for organising such a great event and making the affiliate marketing industry that much more colourful.

See you all again soon,  Jim

OOB crew

OOB crew

You could be there with us!

You could be there with us!

From the sandy beaches of Thailand to the rugged peaks of Whistler, Neverblue’s iconic Out of Bounds events have brought lucky winners to all corners of the globe. Out of Bounds presents a fantastic opportunity to network and connect with the top innovators in the affiliate marketing industry while enjoying the adventure of a lifetime. Neverblue is so excited for our upcoming 9th Out of Bounds event that will be taking place from July 10 -July 15, 2013 in Alberta’s ROCKY MOUNTAINS!

This July, 18 lucky winners will have the opportunity to embark on an unforgettable journey to the majestic Rockies! Winners will enjoy a 5-day, all expenses paid adventure with an action packed schedule, including fun activities and tours throughout the day culminating in relaxed fine dining in the evening.

The trip will kick off in Calgary where winners will don their western apparel and cowboy hats for the greatest outdoor show on earth, the Calgary Stampede. Imagine yourself immersed in the authentic rodeo culture, cheering on the world’s best cowboys and cowgirls in the events of barrel racing, bareback, saddle bronc and the crowd favorite, bull riding!

As one of the world’s largest and most prestigious rodeos, the Stampede has something for everyone. Midway rides wild enough to satisfy any adrenaline junkie, hundreds of games of chance, nightly concerts, legendary mini-donuts, and other unique culinary creations await you. Not to mention the multitude of beer gardens, the perfect setting for throwing on your dancing boots, enjoying a cold refreshing Canadian beer, and dancing the night away to live country music.

After two-stepping until the wee hours, winners will be whisked off into the pristine wilderness of Banff National Park. Situated in the heart of the mountains, Banff boasts fine dining, lively nightlife, breathtaking scenery and plenty of adventure. During the day winners will explore the National Park by foot, gondola, bike and boat. From the rushing rapids of the Kananaskis River to the 2,451m peak of Sulphur Mountain, winners will experience some of the most unique views in the Canadian Rockies. By night, winners will dine on a delectable array of fine cuisine choices before heading out on the town to enjoy Banff’s teeming nightlife and club scene.

Can you think of any better way to spend 5 days in July? We couldn’t either… Be sure to sign up at www.neverblueescape.com before May 15th for your chance at a winning spot on this unforgettable trip with the best and the brightest in the Affiliate marketing space! Contest runs from Jan 1st – May 31st. Do not miss out!


As many of you will know by now the Google Affiliate Network has announced today that it will cease operations.

Neverblue - one of the industry’s most-respected performance marketing leaders - remains committed more than ever to this important global sales channel.

We continue to invest aggressively in mobile and international markets and see a bright future for our industry, where we have been a leader for over eight years.

We stand ready to help GAN advertisers and merchants with all their digital marketing needs.

Our award-winning, performance-based affiliate network provides flexible, high-volume distribution to branded advertisers across email, mobile, social, search, and display channels. We reach over 100 million unique opt-in email profiles in addition to 500 million plus unique impressions monthly across America, Asia and Europe.

Our seasoned team of industry professionals provides each customer with the support and intelligence to maximize ROI.

If you are a GAN advertiser or merchant looking for a new home, contact us right away for a seamless migration to the world’s leading CPA platform.

Warm regards,

Eric J. Gerritsen

Vice President

Sales & Business Development

Contact us for immediate migration help:

 Eric Gerritsen

Eric Gerritsen

Kelvin, Iris and Jeff at ad tech New Delhi

Kelvin, Iris and Jeff at ad tech New Delhi

Iris Wan, Affiliate Manager, has a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting from the Shue Yan University in Hong Kong and has worked with HTTPool Asia and Doubled Advertising Ltd. We are excited to have Iris on board as her energy is sure to add a a great dynamic to the already established Asia office. 

My name is Iris Wan, and I am the latest member of the Affiliate Management Team in Asia.

I have been with Neverblue for more than a month now. I am based in the Hong Kong office and will be working closely with affiliates across different parts of the Asia Pacific region, including South East Asia, India and China. Affiliate marketing is still relatively new in Asia. For example, a lot of the digital marketers in China have never heard of it or simply don't know the way to leverage the market.  We see a huge opportunity here with the lively and fast-changing characteristics in Asia. This is already reflected in the drastic increase of new affiliate sign-ups in the region. My goal is to further develop the business with our existing affiliates, as well as continuing to expand our affiliate base in Asia.

I was grateful to have the chance to attend ad:tech New Delhi last month. It was truly an exciting and rewarding experience for me, as I got the opportunity to meet with a lot of ad networks and great affiliates. We exchanged valuable insights regarding the Indian and the international markets. This was also my first time travelling to India. I can already tell that India has the potential to be a huge market for affiliates. Foremost, the local affiliates have the native expertise and knowledge to run Indian campaigns where affiliates in other regions probably cannot take advantage of this. Also, there are already some experienced big players in the market and they are willing to guide and connect to the ones who are less experienced in the industry. Kelvin Leung (Senior Affiliate Manager in Asia) and I organized a meet up with about 15 affiliates after the first day of ad:tech. Seeing the passion of these people in the industry, I couldn’t ask for a better experience, especially since this was my first event with the company.

Apart from the ad:tech New Delhi experience, I am also looking forward to getting more chances to interact with the Asian affiliates in the future.

Asia Webinar Series

Senior Affiliate Manager – Kelvin Leung, has hosted webinars from time to time in both English and Mandarin covering different topics, such as different optimization techniques on various traffic sources, tips for new affiliates and guidelines to scale up traffic. I think this is very helpful to both affiliates and myself, as we all get the chance to stay up to date with the hottest promotional methods and common problems that most affiliates are facing these days.

 Interact Events in Asia

Before I joined the company, I had heard of the Interact Event. But not until I actually got a chance to talk to my affiliates and other colleagues who held this event in the past, did I finally get a feeling of how amazing these events are. Interact Events are a great way of not only letting affiliates learn more optimization tips, but also provide a valuable channel to connect with local affiliates. I have heard from other peers that the Interact Events are a great experience for both the affiliates and the Affiliate Managers. The next Neverblue Interact Event will be held in Shanghai, China on March 27th. I really cannot wait to meet with my local affiliates there.

Out of Bounds

Out of Bounds is another event that I am really looking forward to participating in someday. I believe not only that this all-expenses-paid trip lets affiliates to have a good time, but more importantly, it is exclusive to our network that pulls all top affiliates together. This is why good business ideas come from these networking sessions. I strongly suggest you all to aim to win a spot there!

Cancun / Okanagan / Dominican

Cancun / Okanagan / Dominican

Cancun – 2011
Kenny Howell

OOB Cancun signaled the start of new era for Neverblue with a fresh crew of affiliate managers/ affiliates heading off to Mexico for some winter sun!

The Cancun Palace was the venue to host 20 of the industry’s top affiliates and it did not disappoint, great service, accommodation, food was enjoyed by all.  Highlights of the trip included jet skiing, parasailing, caving, Coco Bongoing and a daylong boat party out at sea!

A special bond is formed during an OOB that can only be explained once you have experienced the event, business partners and friendships are born which then thrive for years.

We cater for all different interests during the OOB events, host a meeting to discuss ideas, trends and insight and of course have lots of fun

See you in the Rocky Mountains!

Okanagan – 2011
David Stasiuk

The Delta Grand Okanagan Resort was a great location, right on Lake Okanagan! We had a fun filled couple of days golfing, wine tours, and house boating. We couldn’t have asked for better weather or a better group of people.  After a couple days of amazing golf and enjoying some of the best wineries in North America, we hit the lake for some wakeboarding.  A highlight for me was definitely watching everyone challenge themselves on the water. The Okanagan was a great place to kick back and unwind from the daily hustle we all know so well.

Dominican Republic - 2012

Scott Mclaren
Twenty of Neverblue’s finest affiliates touched down at the Hard Rock Hotel in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and are given a warm welcome by the Neverblue team to kick off another legendary Out Of Bounds experience.
The first day of activities began with donkey races, a sugar cane challenge, tug-of-war, beer guzzling, and an introduction to Dominican Republic’s national drink – Mama Juana or “The Baby Maker.”
After a hard day’s work it was great to unwind with a relaxing dinner at Isla Beach and cocktails in the presidential suite. The festivities continued the next day as half of the group ripped it up on the dune buggies while the other half tested their surfing skills on the waves.
As much as we enjoy play time during the day, the real party doesn’t start until the sun goes down. Enter – DJ Kudos (aka. Neverblue’s Kenny Howell). After some fine dining and one or two Mama Juana beverages at Jellyfish Restaurant, the group partied underground in a cave at Imagine Nightclub where DJ Kudos was spinning the decks and everyone was able to let loose and bust a move on the dance floor.
After a night of shenanigans, the team reassembled for the custom business meeting and it’s always beneficial for affiliates to get together and share ideas, trends, and strategies. The afternoon consisted of a catamaran tour, lunch being served on the boat, dancing Dominican Republic style, snorkeling, and swimming to a floating bar. Even though we thought we already had all the fun we could handle, we were in store for one of the most epic Out Of Bounds maneuvers of all time.
With the affiliates left standing on the last night of the trip, we ventured to ORO Nightclub for one final hurrah. As we entered we were surrounded by the bouncers, got escorted to the VIP section of the club, were given bottle service, and people started whispering amongst themselves. It turns out they had mistaken one of our affiliates, Warren, with David Guetta! We rolled with it as he put on his best French accent, took pictures with fans, signed autographs, and we even got DJ Kudos to take over as the club DJ for thousands of party goers.
Overall it was incredible to spend a week with our top clients in the Dominican Republic as everyone involved all had a blast and we definitely created some lasting memories. Next stop – Out of Bounds Whistler!
OOB Dominican Republic video 

Whistler - 2012
Michelle Reid 

Summer of 2012 we took our top affiliates on an adventure in our own backyard: Whistler, British Columbia.

Collecting the winners at the Vancouver airport was complete insanity, but we managed to get everyone into limos for a scenic drive up to the Whistler and Blackcomb mountains. Whistler got a tonne of worldwide exposure during the 2010 winter Olympics, but our international partners were still stunned at how exquisite the scenery is.

The Hilton Whistler Resort, set at the foot of the Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains,  was beautiful with a rustic but still luxurious feel.

Over the course of the 5 days, the food we were served was incredible and the excursions were so much fun. We rode the Peak to Peak Gondola between the two mountains on a classic BC misty day. We went on a super intense 4 wheeling adventure climbing up rockfaces, and even flipping a few ATVs. My absolute fave was a fantastic sunny day spent in the tree tops zip lining 20 stories over a rushing river. There were SO many other stories of shenanigans that only the OOBer’s are privy to. ;)

The bottom line best part of an Out of Bounds experience is how close we all become, and what we learn about each other. We find out who’s afraid of heights, who is a self proclaimed International Beer Pong Champion, who has never seen a bear in the wilderness, who has been featured on US Primetime television. Everyone who worked hard enough to become part of the Out of Bounds community has stayed close, and I look forward to adding even more names to the OOB alumni.

OOB Whistler 2012 video


It’s hard to believe we are full steam ahead with our 9th Out of Bounds contest!  Since 2009 we have been taking our top affiliates on excursions that have left them with great memories and long lasting business connections.  With our Thailand group ready to head out next month we thought we would do a quick recap.  Here’s a recount of past events by Neverblue team members from 2009 & 2010.

Whistler – 2009
Katrena McGrigor 

The first ever Out Of Bounds!  I don’t think anyone, affiliates or the Neverblue team really knew what to expect or what this event would turn into!  What it turned into was probably one of the most memorable times ever of my time at Neverblue.

We stayed at the Hilton Whistler for 4 of the hottest days of the summer and managed to fit in almost everything Whistler has to offer in the summer.  Zip lining, Peak to Peak Gondola ride over unreal scenery, atv-ing and of course themed 80’s pub night.  Everyone singing Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” at the top of their lungs was pretty memorable however my favorite was the atv tour.  I’ve never been more terrified, filthy, sweltering hot and excited at once.  We were all absolutely relieved to stumble upon a beautiful mountain lake where everyone spontaneously dove in to beat the heat.  

Who would have thought that this incredible trip would have kicked of a series of 9 amazing events!    

OOB Whistler video

Costa Rica – 2010
Samantha Brachat

Out of Bounds Costa Rica was amazing! The location, activities and company created memories that will last a lifetime. We stayed at the brand new, all inclusive Riu Palace. The staff was extremely friendly and very keen on making sure you were having the time of your life. The hotel was situated on the edge of the beach of Matapalo so you could enjoy lounging by one of the many pools or take a small walk to the sand and ocean.

We did a number of activities including, white water rafting, zip lining through the jungle, atv-ing, snorkeling and surfing.  We had delicious meals at various restaurants and on the beach. We also had an awesome “tacky tourist” pub crawl in town. The locals seemed to appreciate the fact that we were making fun of ourselves and they didn’t need to do it for us J 

The whole trip was fantastic, but the highlight for me was definitely white water rafting. It was a new, scary experience for most of us and we all had a really good time.

OOB Costa Rica video

Vancouver Island – 2010
Kiersten Epps

I was really excited to show off our beautiful island at Out of Bounds Vancouver Island.  We started the week off with a float plane flight to April Point Resort on Quadra Island.  Salmon fishing at April Point was fantastic!  We saw bears and eagles while lounging on our fishing boats and caught a few good sized salmon.   After relaxing in the sun for a few days it was time to get our adrenaline pumping.  Mt. Washington is not an easy place to learn how to downhill mountain bike!  Regardless, everyone was up for the challenge, got suited up in full body armor, and started flying down the mountain.  We finished the week with bungee jumping and a casino night, all in all a pretty fantastic time!!

OOB Vancouver Island video


ATV-ing in Whistler & White Water Rafting in Costa Rica

ATV-ing in Whistler & White Water Rafting in Costa Rica


This year like every year affiliates looking to take advantage of  Valentine's Day  should focus on dating offers, as many lonely individuals will be looking to find love leading up to the big day. The dating vertical is one of the most consistent and long standing verticals here at Neverblue, although the dynamics have changed throughout the years it still remains as one of the most lucrative and in demand verticals the network has seen. With online dating accounting for $4 billion[1] in annual revenue globally, dating sites are showing no sign of slowing down and affiliates new to the game are still finding it a great place to start.  So if you haven’t tried dating offers before now is the time to start, historically Valentine’s Day and the lead up to the big day,  has been Neverblue’s highest converting EVER, so here are some tips to get you started.

To give some background, dating offers are often categorized as “matchmaking “,”niche” or "casual" and can be targeted at a variety of demographics. Matchmaking offers are for users seeking real relationships and are often more serious in nature, no hook-up traffic here! On the opposite end is casual dating, which is for the individual seeking to make an online only encounter or maybe just meet for a no strings attached date. Lastly niche dating is all about targeting, these dating offers will be catered to individuals in specific demographics such as senior, religious, or ethnic groups.

If you've never run a dating offer before, here are a  few tips on why it's a great vertical to try:

- Dating[TG1]  advertisers are almost always able to pay highly competitive rates for good quality traffic. If you are sending high quality traffic and can scale with a pay increase, don't hesitate to ask your affiliate manager! Dating advertisers are especially eager to give pay increases during the 1st quarter of the year when they see traffic increase as much as 350%[2], so don't delay!

- Any affiliate that has targeted traffic should try dating offers, as there is almost guaranteed a dating offer for every niche on the Neverblue network catered to whatever traffic source you might already have available. If you're able to target user demographics the payouts can be huge from dating advertisers, so definitely test these offers out!

- Lastly dating offers are increasingly international, we currently have dating offers converting in 40 countries  worldwide with some of our top converting countries being Brazil, United States, Chile, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, Canada, Australia, Germany, and Sweden. 

If we’ve piqued your interest and you’re looking to start driving traffic for us there are a couple things you should know about running dating offers. To begin with, many dating offers particularly in the US are on an approval only basis as we are looking for affiliates with proven good quality dating traffic. If you’ve never ran a dating campaign before make sure to reach out to your Affiliate Manager to find some public offers and look outside of the US to get started, as the US market can be quite competitive.

Once you’re running traffic you’re going to want to focus on bringing quality leads to the advertiser, as higher payouts are sure to follow. Almost every dating offer monetizes by upselling their free user profiles into paid membership profiles, which will allow the user to engage with other singles and view all the content available on the site. Not only will good quality traffic help you to get increasingly higher rates, but it will ensure you can continue running the offer, as many advertisers will pause affiliates who send traffic that doesn’t convert into sales. Here’s a couple tips on how to bring in good quality traffic:

- In general, most dating offers will convert best with older users as they have more disposable income and are more willing to commit to memberships. Although many offers may be 25+, targeting the oldest demo you can afford will almost always bring in higher quality traffic

- Along the same lines, many dating offers are going to be open to male and female traffic, but generally one gender will convert best for the advertiser so make sure to ask your affiliate manager which the advertiser prefers

- If you’re creating your own ad copy, it’s important not to mislead the user as this will almost always create poor quality traffic. Although it might seem like saying “100% Free” is a great idea to generate leads, once users sign up and realize the service is not actually “100% Free” they’re going to be disappointed and not sign up or a membership, creating bad quality traffic. 

Split test different landing pages, ad copies, banners to see what converts best, dating traffic can be finicky and you need to find exactly what works for your traffic source while keeping in mind what will produce good quality traffic.

Make sure to reach out to your affiliate manager to find out what offers are converting best and which ones have special Valentine’s Day promotions. If you don’t have an affiliate manager yet then make sure to sign up, we’d love to meet you!

[1] http://usblog.affiliatewindow.com/performance-marketing-finds-love-at-first-sight-in-the-online-dating-industry/

[2] http://www.datingsitesreviews.com/staticpages/index.php?page=online-dating-industry-facts-statistics

Tessa Goodwin

Tessa Goodwin

Tessa Goodwin has been an Account Executive with Neverblue for the past year and a half and currently manages the networks’ North American Dating and Download advertisers. Tessa began working at Neverblue in the Compliance and Legal Affairs department while she was still a student working on her BA in Marketing Communications Management.

If you are looking for high paying, low risk sustainable offers then the finance vertical will be a fantastic fit for you. From payday offers  and installment loans to credit and debit card offers, Neverblue provides a long list of top paying and top converting offers with access to exclusive properties.
Rising in the ranks to become a strong and well built out vertical for Neverblue, Finance finds success amongst email marketing, search and PPV traffic sources. With the ability to target subprime to prime end users if you have the traffic, we have an offer for you.
3 Reasons to Promote Finance Offers:
1)       Great payouts and very low risk of chargeback’s: Finance advertisers have the ability to monetize leads in a variety of ways from the initial lead sale to exit and decline traffic. The more ways an advertiser monetizes their leads the more money ends up in your pocket and the more frequently the pixel fires as they additionally attribute the money made from the additional ways they can monetize. As a benefit these additional streams of revenue are attributed back to you to make sure that ROI stays high and EPC’s are competitive.
Low chargeback’s?: With the pixel firing upon a valid lead form submit, the advertiser monetizes primarily by selling the lead form to a ‘lead buyer’ in real time for a set amount of money. As the lead is ‘bought’ only after viewing the quality of the lead there are no surprises and very little risk of chargeback’s.
2)       Custom Landers and Creative’s at your fingertips: Unlike the more focused credit rating offers, installment loans and payday offers accept everything from email to search to PPV traffic. Neverblue has worked with advertisers to offer the highest converting properties to promote as well as the best payouts for our publishers. As changes within the payday and installment loan vertical are frequent and various, advertisers are happy to create custom properties and creative’s to suit your style and traffic types.
Ask your affiliate manager for what promotion method is working the best for what property and put in requests for what will work best for you and your traffic!
3)       Variety of Finance offers and advertiser optimized offers: Along with payday, Neverblue has multiple credit report offers available to run. With the benefit of the advertiser optimizing metrics on their backend, we sport one of the highest conversion rates available on any network and the ability to approve and allow custom creative’s within the same day. EPC’s are soaring and offers convert very well.

Keys to Optimizing Finance Offers
1)       Target the day and time you send traffic: With Monday through Thursday being the best time to send traffic to these offers, these offers convert most readily during the first half of the day (based on end user interest). Best run on public holidays and trending to have stellar conversion rates if optimized for specific quarters of the year, Neverblue has qualified Affiliate Managers and training tips to help you best target end users to make the most profit.
For info on trends and how to maximize your return reach out to your Affiliate Manager...Neverblue is happy to provide data sourced from our advertiser on how to get the most bang for your buck.
2)       Split test offers for the highest EPC’s: Different advertisers have different monetization techniques and a myriad of different properties for you to match to what you feel will benefit you most with your traffic sources. Depending on where your traffic is bought and how you promote the offer, one property might back out much more readily than another. Don’t be afraid to ask for custom landers and/or creative’s and split test those offers!
3)       Be creative with your promo methods: As payday/installment loan offers accept almost all forms of traffic be creative! Buy cheaper keywords to send search traffic when you can, pop a banner over or under another payday offer.

Types of Finance Offers:
1)       Credit offers: Although these offers are more sensitive as to how they can be promoted they continue to thrive...with optimized landing pages, a high demographic of people to target and great payouts, Neverblue boasts several offers that are only available to a small number of networks to date.
2)       Payday Offers: This offer loans up to $1000 USD to end users who have little to no credit. No credit check is required to loan money.
3)       Installment Loan Offers
4)       Payday + Installment Loan Blended Offers: These offers allow you to target anyone from prime to subprime end users as well as to promote with a max loan amount of up to $5000 USD.
5)       Credit Card/Debit Card Offers: These offers sport a HUGE payout and good EPC’s. As the pixel is fired when the application is approved there is low risk of chargeback’s. Great to run right after holidays and/or when people are looking for money.
Shannon Knight

Shannon Knight

Shannon Knight has been an Account Executive with Neverblue for the past year and half, focusing primarily on the Finance vertical and Travel. Creating unique perspective, Shannon’s first job was actually at a payday loan company as a Loans Officer in Canada! Shannon has recently attended the ITB tradeshow in Singapore, a highlight of her career at NB to date and is probably the only person looking forward to the upcoming tax season (yay for tax prep offers!)

When I first joined Neverblue 18 months ago, a lot of people in Asia still hadn’t heard of affiliate marketing.  They had no idea how they could be sitting at home all day while making a living for themselves. Today, not only have we seen an enormous amount of affiliates joining our network, but continued relationships after having met at one of our Neverblue Interact events.  Several Asia based affiliates have even created their own knowledge sharing forums which really goes to show just how much the industry has grown recently in this area.   

We continue to get more international offers and our Asian affiliates are in a very good position to run them since they have better local knowledge about how to drive traffic to these campaigns. One consideration that needs to be made is in Asia there are different local languages across each of the regions and also different social networks and search engines to buy traffic from.

For example, In China, Google is not the number 1 search engine, Baidu has the most market share.  Facebook is not accessible in China, so RenRen, Kaixin and Weibo would be your local Social Network if you want to send Chinese traffic. In Taiwan, Yahoo! is the dominant search engine there, and in Korea, local search engine Naver has over 70% of the market share. So if you would like to send traffic to these Asian countries, knowledge about the local channel is important.

This past year, Neverblue has experienced increasing demand from our affiliate partners for more opportunities to learn and improve their skills in generating traffic through a variety of channels, whether Asian traffic or international. In response, we are actively participating with you in different local forums to share our knowledge with affiliates, and hosting monthly webinars where we explore tips to optimize your traffic from difference channels. We are also actively holding Neverblue Interact Events across different cities in Asia to meet affiliates in person, as well as providing intensive training, which has proven to be very valuable to affiliates in Asia.

I can foresee that the growth of the affiliate marketing business in Asia is going to continue for a long time to come, and the support and training Neverblue provides will continue to help that business grow. I am really looking forward to seeing more Asia based affiliates enjoying the success of being an affiliate marketer.

Kelvin Leung

Kelvin Leung

Kelvin Leung has been with Neverblue since June of 2011. His experience in the industry has helped our Asia team accelerate our business in the area exponentially.  Join the Affiliate Marketing in Asia Facebook page at:



The holiday season is around the corner and we are yet again prompted to take account of the year in passing, and what an eventful one it has been.

The industry has taken some important turns towards consolidation, with a few of our colleagues leaving the playing field and some driven to cleaning up their act, all signs of an industry that is maturing and evolving towards a higher level of transparency, sustainability and accountability, a welcome development.

An eventful, and a record breaking year in many ways.

Neverblue was awarded the Blue Book 2012 Network of the Year, a testament to the effort of our great staff and fantastic publishing partners.

With the opening of our office in London earlier this year and expanding the team in Asia, our expansion in Europe and Asia continues to surpass all expectations setting record growth numbers now representing close to 40% our global revenues.

Our Out Of Bounds, now in its 5th year running, has broken all records and cemented itself the industry leading reward contest, and I am looking forward to meeting up with the 20 top publishers in the industry in Thailand in early 2013.

2012 was also the year where mobile performance marketing established itself as an essential part of a well executed marketing strategy, most recent taking $300M in mobile commerce Thanksgiving sales and estimated to reach in excess of a staggering $150 billion globally in 2013. Mobile grew at 240% in our network to become nearly a fifth of our business, and we are seeing no signs of this slowing down.

As we are closing the books on a record year, I would like thank you, for making this all possible (and making us the leading network).

 Becoming part of the GlobalWide Media family in August was one of the most important milestones in our 8 year history, and the start of another exciting chapter for our company.

One of the most incredible people in the industry that I have had the opportunity to spend some time with, once told me; “of everything you make, spend 70% on yourself and your family, invest 20% for the future, and give the remaining 10% away to people that are not as fortunate as you, - live by this and you will get back tenfold”.

These are wise and generous words. With the holiday time and New Year upon us, these are the times to reflect on our lives and loved ones, how we have been blessed and the ones that have been less so.

I wish the best to you and your families for the holidays, and look forward to continuing our partnership in the year to come.

Bjorn Hougaard

Bjorn Hougaard

Bjorn Hougaard - Vice President of Network Distribution
Having been with Neverblue for the past 2 years, Bjorn has directed the network through its most successful and exciting year in the company history having led the expansion into Asia and Europe, establishing the mobile business, and most recent the transition into the Global Wide Media Group.

    • hong kong

Working hard on Asian expansion plans in Hong Kong this week: Kelvin Leung  Senior Affiliate Manager Asia, Farshad Fardad GlobalWide Media CEO, Eric Gerritsen Vice President of Sales and Business Development of Neverblue,  and Jeff Kwok Director of Business Development Asia. 2013 promises to be a year of tremendous growth and opportunity for our business in Asia!


Making Money with Download CPA Offers

Downloads have been one of the mainstays in affiliate marketing since the industry’s beginnings. These offers span a wide range of products and services, from ecards and screensavers to coupons, recipes, and video conversion software. As CPA offers, they typically convert upon successful download or install, depending on the particular advertiser.

Size of the Downloads Market

  • *  People worldwide download millions of products each day

  • *  A quick search of Offervault and ODigger will return 1,000's of download CPA offers

  • *  Neverblue currently has over 200 download offers live on the network

  • *  Mobile downloads are among the most popular in the booming mobile space


3 Reasons to Promote Downloads

(1) Monetize nearly any country
Can’t find offers for some lesser known countries? Download advertisers are typically among the first movers in new geographies. For example, Mindspark pays for downloads from over 200 countries.

(2) High Conversion Rates
Double-digit conversion rates are common in the download space, as the conversion action typically requires only a few clicks and no registration. It’s not uncommon to see conversion rates as high as 15% on Neverblue’s top converting download offers.

(3) High Payouts
Payouts vary widely depending on the particular product, but the generic US download will pay somewhere between $2 and $4, while offers like PC optimization software and casino games can be anywhere from $5 - $15 per download.


3 Keys to Higher Payouts

Download advertisers make money when the user retains and interacts with the product via ads, search, or upsells. If your users aren’t interested in the product and uninstall it right away, the advertiser isn’t going to want your traffic. If your users make the advertiser money, however, they will have no problem maximizing your payouts.

(1) No incentivized traffic or content unlocking. These users don’t usually retain the product and may not even fully understand what it is.

(2) Use transparent marketing. Deceptive advertising may get you a quick stream of downloads, but misled users are of little value to the advertiser.

(3) Know your traffic sources. Search, display and email typically produce the highest quality users for download offers. Take advantage of the massive scale of RTB platforms and PPC to extend your campaigns worldwide. Facebook prohibits advertising many download offers, so be sure to review the offer terms and Facebook guidelines before launching campaigns.



About Mindspark

Mindspark has been a download advertiser since 2001, and currently has over 25 CPA offers live on Neverblue’s network. We accept traffic from over 200 countries and work very closely with Neverblue to help affiliates maximize their campaigns. The top Mindspark offers on Neverblue are currently TotalRecipeSearch and MapsGalaxy. Please ask your affiliate manager about how to get started with any download offers.


When Thanksgiving is over, people turn their sights to Christmas. Retailers know this and have capitalized on getting shoppers out and spending their money by offering drool worthy sales. With all the craziness that Black Friday incites, more and more people are turning to online shopping as a way to still partake in the buying frenzy while avoiding the crush of humanity. These conditions come together to create the perfect online buying storm, otherwise known as Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday has become THE biggest online shopping day for the past two consecutive years. In 2010, sales on this day alone broke records by surpassing the billion dollar mark. Last year, sales climbed even higher, reaching $1.25 billion, up 22% from the year before[i]. Predictions for this year are that spending will continue to climb, with estimated growth to be in the mid- to high teens[ii].  

To affiliates, this ‘holiday’ poses as a unique and golden opportunity. People are online, hunting for deals, and quick to pull out their credit cards. The obvious verticals that do well during this time are ecommerce and fashion, however, other verticals can offer promotions such as discounted sign up rates for memberships, free communication weeks for dating offers, etc etc.

Focusing on ecommerce and fashion, many advertisers will have promotions and offer coupon codes, so check with your affiliate manager. Some advertisers will also supply Cyber Monday creatives but you should also experiment and make your own. Get creative! For banners, test different colors, have a clear image and message, branding, and call to action. Deep link to certain categories based on your target audience to direct users exactly where you want them to go. Use promotional discounts to your advantage. While Cyber Monday is a small window to capitalize on, it also marks the kick off to the holiday shopping season and traffic to these types of offers will start increasing on Thanksgiving Day and continue until Christmas.  

While mobile and tablet traffic is increasing year over year, the desktop is still king. Desktop users show higher conversion rates, lower bounce rates, and higher add to cart rates. However, in terms of this behavior, tablets follow close behind and sales on tablets and mobiles jumped from 3.2% to 9.8% year-over-year and are expected to continue to grow[iii].

Another shift in behavior is what time of the day people are doing most of their shopping. Previously, the bulk of it was done during business hours, with users logging on at work. Now we are seeing another peak later in the evening as well[iv]. Keep these prime timeframes in mind.

It will be interesting to see what this year brings. One thing’s for sure is that the daily sales records will likely be shattered once again.

Happy promoting! Cyber Monday comes but once a year.


Karis Fisher

Karis Fisher

Karis Fisher is an Account Executive at Neverblue and has been with the company for two years. She has worked on both the advertiser and affiliate side, previously acting as an Affiliate Manager.


Hey there, this is Kelvin Leung, Neverblue's Asia Affiliate Manager.

Neverblue responded to market demand by opening a Hong Kong office to better service our growing partner base in Asia. Having a team on the ground meant that we could hold regional based  Interact events to share industry knowledge with one another and create a face to face affiliate marketing community.  To date we have held Interacts in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Singapore and New Delhi.  Our most recent event in Bangkok, Thailand was the biggest success to date.

While Thailand has always been a growing region for Neverblue I was unsure as to how many affiliates would come out to our first ever event in this region.  As soon as I started to promote the event I realized the affiliate base was hungry for this type of local event and the RSVP’s came flying in.  I quickly booked a second night to accommodate everyone who wanted to come.  In the end we had over 60 people attend on the first night and over 70 on the second night.

The Interact featured four speakers for this event including myself, Andrew Wee (Neverblue Affiliate Consultant) and two amazing local Thai affiliates presenting different affiliate marketing techniques and important tips for new affiliates.  Needless to say, the majority of the talks and presentation materials are in the local Thai language.

The slides from the event can be accessed here: http://www.slideshare.net/Neverblue/bangkok-interact-event

After the event Andrew Wee and I agreed that these types of events provide great value to the affiliates in Thailand.  Here are some of Andrews thoughts on the event:


“Since coming on board in November 2011, I've had the opportunity to work with some of the top affiliates in the industry. In addition to recruiting and developing Asian affiliates, I also work with European and North American affiliates to help them grow their business to the next level.

Thailand represents a great opportunity for the network with affiliates who have been promoting a number of cost-per-sale and CPA affiliate programs for quite some time.  Although both Kelvin and I have been working with them for some time,  it was primarily via a "virtual" connection - via email, IM and sometimes skype voice. So it was great to have had the opportunity to meet with the Thai affiliates to better understand their businesses and see how we could help."

Feedback from this event was amazing!  Reading through the local Thai affiliate blogs you can tell how excited everyone was after the event.  Oh yeah, I need to mention that everyone was really satisfied with the buffet dinner provided by Anantara Bangkok Sathorn – a 5 star hotel in Bangkok.  After the event, we took a group photo and people still did not want to leave!  Many stayed behind to ask questions about affiliate marketing and even take a few more pictures with Andrew and myself. I thought I was a celebrity for a moment.

As an AM, it is very encouraging when I see people are listening and actively asking questions for 4 straight hours during the event. This just gives me extra motivation to help affiliates to bring their business and traffic to the next level. I am really amazed by the passion everyone has for the affiliate marketing industry.

Thank you Thailand for giving me such a wonderful Interact experience too!

Kelvin Leung has been with Neverblue since June 2011. He has had 7 years of online marketing experience in the industry and has helped our Asia team accelerate our business in the area exponentially! Look for Kelvin to be hosting another Interact event in Shanghai & Beijing before the end of 2012!

Join the Affiliate Marketing in Asia facebook group (managed by Kelvin) at: http://www.facebook.com/asia.affiliate.marketing


Thai affiliates can check out "Thailand Affiliates" (managed by Andrew) at:


Interact Thailand

Interact Thailand


As you build your digital empire, a number of factors come into play that will contribute to your success or failure. Perhaps an overlooked aspect is the relationship you have with your Affiliate Manager. Having a solid rapport with your AM can take you to the next level and do big things for your business. You are in luck, as I have devised ten tips to help pave your way to the promised land:


1)      Getting started in the Affiliate Marketing game can be pretty overwhelming for new affiliates. A smart approach in the beginning is to take the time to educate yourself on the industry and the various promotion methods out there. Ask your AM for some training material and helpful links to read up on as they have access to some great resources.


2)      Try to provide as much information as you can to your AM about your online business. Instead of asking what the best offers are on the network, go into detail on your promotion method, the niches you are looking for, and the countries that work best for your traffic. The more open you are to your AM the better they will understand your business, which will allow them to make tailored offer recommendations to suit your needs.


3)      Many campaigns have a variety of landing pages and creatives to choose from. Ask your AM for the top performing landers as they can run a quick stats report to determine the one that is generating the most volume or has the highest EPC. Also, some banners and landing pages may not be allowed on certain traffic sources due to their size or content so it’s beneficial to review this with your AM as well.


4)      Ask what demographics to target for each offer. Building a successful, long term campaign is a two way street where both the advertiser and the affiliate need to benefit from the traffic and reaching the right audience is key. Some campaigns convert differently during a certain period of the day, week, or year and even targeting various regions within a country can have an effect so ask your AM if these fluctuations exist. If the offer is open to many countries, ask what countries have the best stats. Targeting the right users at the right time will give the advertiser higher quality traffic which can lead to an increased rate and a more profitable campaign.


5)      Sometimes the terms and conditions for an offer can be a bit vague so you can always ask your AM to clarify certain points. If you are still unsure, get your AM to review your ad copy, landing page, or marketing technique in question to make sure you are promoting within the guidelines. They may also give you some recommendations on your content to help boost your conversion rates. If the campaign is on an approval basis, ask your AM what exactly is required in order to get enabled. The advertiser often needs to review your ad copy and other times they just need to verify your promotion method. Also be aware of any caps on the offer you are set to launch. Ask your AM if it's an individual or network wide cap and get them to set a hard cap so you will receive notifications when you are nearing and have hit your campaign cap.


6)      Ask your AM how active, responsive, and open the advertiser is for the campaigns you are promoting. How long will it take to assess my traffic quality and lift my daily cap? How much volume do I need to generate to get an increased custom rate? Does the advertiser have any other images or recommended text not open to the public? Are translation services available? Would the advertiser be open to setup a custom contest where I receive a cash bonus or prize if I hit a certain number of leads? This will help you determine if this is an advertiser you want to work with long term, will allow you to market the campaign more effectively, and will motivate you to drive higher volumes.


7)      With new traffic sources popping up all over the place it can be hard to keep track. Ask your AM to suggest a top traffic source for a particular promotion method or one they feel would work best for a certain niche. Also, see if they can hook you up with a representative, cheaper clicks/impressions, or access to private traffic sources. Try to get some insight on an angle to apply for a certain traffic source as well. Would a review site be the best approach? An informational article? Should I use a landing Page? No landing page? Your AM will be familiar with the campaign and can recommend the conversion flow that will generate the best results.


8)      Ask your AM about their availability. What hours do they work? What time zone are they in? Do they work on the weekend? Do they have another contact to reach out to if they are out of the office? This works both ways as you should let your AM know when the best time is to reach you and how to do so. Should they contact you through Email? Phone? Skype? AIM? MSN? ICQ? Telegram? Carrier Pigeon? Once you are on the same level and are aware of their availability, communication will be much easier.


9)      Build a strong relationship with your AM and try to get in their good books. Be responsive. Some issues need to be tackled right away so it’s great to have affiliates standing by and ready to respond to AM requests. Be flexible. If your AM recommends a campaign or traffic source they think is a good fit for you be willing to give it a small test. Be reasonable. Instead of asking for an insane payout increase before you have launched the offer, prove yourself with some volume, optimize your traffic, and then ask for a bump. Be patient. It’s good to follow up but don’t pester your AM seven times per day if you are waiting on a quality check. Your AM should let you know as soon as there is an update. Be honest. There’s nothing an AM likes more than when an affiliate generates the high volume they claimed they would. If you take this approach you will receive a high level of service every time and your AM will go the extra mile to ensure your success.    


10)   The landscape of our industry is constantly changing. Talk to your AM about what trends they are currently seeing in the marketplace and what tactics or angles will be hot in the future. Perhaps there is a specific event coming up that you can capitalize on. They can also give you the heads up on which campaigns the network is getting ready to launch down the road. With this knowledge you can start building your content early to get an edge over the competition.



Scott McLaren has been an Affiliate Manager with Neverblue for 2 and a half years and recently joined the Senior Affiliate Management team. You can find him on the golf course during the summer,  playing hockey in the winter, and he’s currently going through withdrawals due to the NHL lockout. Scott has also attended the last four Out of Bounds trips and is looking forward to seeing Neverblue’s finest Affiliates in Thailand!

Scott Mclaren

Scott Mclaren

 Scott McLaren


Darrel Grant here, formally acknowledging the existence and passing of the Thanksgiving Holiday.

As some of you may know, we recently had Canadian Thanksgiving. I decided to visit the Neverblue Livestock Emancipation Division and requisition a turkey. I intended to cook it, but after looking into its beady, soulful little eyes, I perceived the aching heart of a mute poet. Compassion stayed my hand…. and it now freely roams the skies, a graceful and majestic predator of the countryside.

Today I start part 1 of a 12 part series on the Neverblue Affiliate Referral Program.  A possible 5% earning on your friends revenue essentially, but you can find a page explaining what that is and how it works from the "Tools" tab on the affiliate frontend. With the proper application of this exclusive Neverblue program, you can begin to channel the energies wasted by your unproductive friends and family into a positive, helpful and mutually beneficial relationship.

The way it works is, you login to Neverblue and get a link. You give this link to the people who could probably do a bit more towards enriching you in their spare time than they currently do. The key here is that you explain it to them as if the purpose was to enrich them. This is an easy case to make, because it will. Just think how much more pleasant your next Thanksgiving might become. When, instead of the usual litany of treachery and betrayal, you and your loved ones discuss the universally satisfying business of affiliate marketing. How their newfound success has cultivated in you a strong secondary revenue stream, and how this has consequently enhanced your sense of kinship sufficiently that you will probably send them a card at Christmas. Neverblue is happy to bring to you such delights of the human experience. Treasure them.

Feel free to leave a comment with your own Thanksgiving experiences.To be continued.


Addendum:A note from CQA: As always, your continued supplication to the wry judgements of the Compliance Division is appreciated. Moral deviations will not be tolerated.

Darrel Grant will always remain our mysterious developer. This is where he sits... and creates. 

You've reached the desk of Darrel Grant

You've reached the desk of Darrel Grant


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